Thursday Thoughts

So I’m getting more regular with these! Who knows… in a couple of months I may have the brainpower to make them weekly occurrences!

Nighttime parenting: If you’re not familiar with this term you either, a.) don’t have kids or b.) aren’t familiar with Dr. Sears. He and his philosophies aren’t for everyone, but they work for me and fit nicely in line with how I would like to parent my kids. As with most things in life, you take what you can use and leave the rest. A sleeps in bed with us, which was much more of a survival tactic than conscious parenting choice, but here we are. Most nights I love having him snuggled close. But last night, ya, last night, not so much. Instead of snuggling, think suffocating. He squirmed and screamed and squealed and even woke and sat up a couple of times to have a conversation with me. I turned my back away from him several times trying to compose myself (and close. my. eyes.) but he just kept climbing on me, screaming, squealing, insisting on being latched on the whole. damn. night. So, ya, nighttime parenting isn’t always fun and, although I understand that my child has needs that need to be met during the night too, it’s really hard to reason with myself at 3 am when the boobie barnacle just won’t quit.

Awkward WhatsApp convos: I think there are generally two kinds of people – those who use emojis and those who don’t. You may be thinking, “well, that’s not true because sometimes I don’t use emojis, but sometimes I do,” and to that, I would answer – you’re definitely in the former camp. Why? Well, because you do use emojis, but you just choose not to in some situations, for whatever reason. I’m constantly afraid of being seen as rude (even when I’m totally being rude #hellopassiveagression) so I use emojis fairly regularly. In fact, if you’re having a convo with me and I’m not using emojis, I totally don’t want to be talking to you. Then there are people – usually older generations, like my grandparents – who just don’t use them, EVER. These people you can have lovely convos with because you know even when it sounds like they’re being totally snarky, you assume they don’t have a serious face on and it’s just lost in the land of emotional translation between what’s typed and what’s meant. And talking to those people who I know do use emojis yet they don’t even give me a monkey covering his eyes is just awkward and makes me super uncomfortable. Anyone else?

Social events – We have another one tonight and I’m so looking forward to being in a big enough group of people that I can look scroll my Instagram feed while someone else chases A around. Kidding, kind of…

Have a great weekend, y’all