Thursday Thoughts

I know, I know. I’m inconsistent with Thursday’s thoughts and should just stop the whole thing altogether. But I can’t. I really love the idea and have so many thoughts throughout the week that could never actually form their own blog post, so this is the perfect way to share them. Thanks for bearing with me!

Nursery rhymes:

I’m not sure how many of my readers have or have had small children that listen to nursery rhymes, but after the last 12 months of frequently visiting the Little Baby Bum YouTube channel, I’ve got some concerns. First, is the old man OK? He bumped his head last night and no one is concerned that he has a concussion and needs to be seen by a medical professional, especially given his age? I think his subsequent lack of control in eating until his clothes don’t fit and PROVOKING BEES should also be taken into account (though, I totally feel him on the eating thing, tbh).

Also, why has this mom not been reported to a government agency for neglect? Like, I totally understand that shit happens, but after the 2nd monkey falling off the bed because they were recklessly jumping, it makes me wonder if Mama is watching them at all or just doing her own thing.


This is by far the quickest and most organic way to expand your client base and social media reach. But, are people really all they’re cracked up to be? I’ve seen a lot of collabs lately where the narcissism is just dripping off of every word they say, especially the ‘thank yous’ they give for how others have helped them. Times are tough, Y’all, I get that. We’re all trying to make it, we’re all trying to get our hustle in and make it work. But I can’t help but feel… slimy when it sounds like I’m promoting myself a little too much. And, hey, that may be my problem! Maybe shameless self-promotion is what works in today’s society. I do think it’s a bit gross when people are so interested in showing others what they can do – or even funnier what they want to do, “I’ll start starting to start doing this soon…” – than what they have to offer others.

What’s your take on this?

Netflix must-see:

We just finished the limited series “Godless” and oooooooomahgoodness it was amazing. Lady Mary was a heartless, man-eating goddess just like in Downton, but she really needs to work on adding some inflection to her American accent.

Samsung’s Multi-tab function:

This feature was definitely created by a parent who was bored to death of having to watch another episode on the Little Baby Bum channel and thought, “hm, wouldn’t it be cool if the baby could watch this and I could do something productive like scroll mindlessly through Facebook?”


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