To medicate or not?

When planning for the future, we weigh the pros and cons carefully, as objectively as possible, while paying great attention to all the possibilities. Some of us are naturally optimistic, while others tend to see things more on the negative side, coloring things in one way or another each step we take. With birth, however, I’d be willing to bet that many women are pretty pessimistic right off the bat.

From the way that the media portrays birth to the horror stories our friends and family share, it’s not hard to see why most women are petrified of what labor and delivery will bring and why they choose to plan every last detail before and after baby’s arrival, glossing right over what will happen during those crucial hours when baby is actually working his or her way out into the big, bright world. I was one of those moms, and let me be the first to tell you – that ain’t a good strategy, mama, because ready or not, labor is coming and you NEED to be ready.

Arming yourself with information while remaining flexible is essential when considering your birth preferences. Note that I don’t use the term birth plan because I don’t believe you can plan your birth, nor can you expect everything to go as planned. Through this series of posts, I hope to shed some light on the most common issues and decisions that will pop up during labor and delivery, while pointing you in the right direction informationally. Remember, mama, if you don’t know your options, you don’t have any.

Today’s topic is whether or not you’d like to medicate during labor. Since I’m a bit late in posting (the link was supposed to be live at the same time as my insta post over at http://www.instagram.com/mamafilbirth), I’ll just post the links below for you to browse, which you most definitely should!

ACOG’s info on pain-relief during labor and a breakdown of the kinds of drugs available

NPR’s awesome and simple breakdown of Pitocin and epidurals and why you may – or may not – want them